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china_buying's Journal

Discuss what you have found in China online stores... news... gadgets...

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Online shopping on China sites
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Online shopping on China sites
Rules and interests coming soon. Preliminary rules are:
* No spam!
* Gadgets reviews and personal experience are welcomed.
* Ads and anti-ads of particular stores are welcomed.
* PayPal and others...
* You can sell something unneeded or exchange something on something.
* Please, no fights with moderators.
Of course, this community, moderators and LJ staff has no responsibility of community contents or anything else whatever it be :)

Sellers and stores can be member of community.
Advertising allowed as gadgets or goods review with link to site of seller. Frequency of advertisement post is no more than 1-2 in a week. Advertisement post must have subject and short description of item. Big text, picture or movie must be hidden with tag.


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Social capital

  • less than 10