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murlix_en in china_buying

tinydeal problems

We have ordered on tinydeal on November 28 some thingies for WII and more, and silence... There is order number and parcel id, parcel shown as out of Hong Kong on December 8 and nothing more. Trying to reach tinydeal with no results :(

These are for gifts and I am afraid, they now be late to New Year - sad...

The same with focalprice, nobody knows where 2 more parcels are from November 22 , and November 30.

WTF? Someone can comment?
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Hi murlix
I'm Torben, representative of tinydeal.com
Really sorry about the delay. During the Christmas, many parcels were delayed because of bad weather and stoppage.
You can contact our customer service by email/MSN sales@tinydeal.com We will check it out. If the parcel was lost with some reasons, we will refund you full money.


Please be careful. We ordered from TinyDeal in December 2010, and we had a broken item sent to us. We then had to post it back at our own cost and even though we were promised a full refund, they are now trying to fob us off, now only offering an 80% refund back. They have offered to have the item repaired - if we pay some extra money and then pay to have it posted back to us. We don't want to have a previously repaired item when we paid for a brand new one and we don't appreciate having to pay the extra money when we should have received a brand new item to begin with. We regret ever purchasing from this site and are doubtful of getting anything back.
Hi, maybe you are confused with our Warranty. So we make a FAQ trying to explain it more clearly. If you have any problems, please contact our customer service. We will try our best to solve them for you. Thanks.
Return DOA Item: http://faq.tinydeal.com/Default/Faq_Info/495


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